25 Stars Over Lesmeister Guesthouse

If you’re the observant sort, you may notice an unusual flag now flying in front of Lesmeister Guesthouse. This flag of just 25 stars became the new flag of the United States on June 15, 1836, the day Arkansas entered the Union as the 25th state, and remained the nation’s flag until the 26th state came along.

A few weeks ago I stayed a few nights at an inn on Main Street in Saint Charles, Missouri, and they had a 25-star flag flying from my room’s balcony. As I sat one night, watching the crowds of tourists walk by beneath me, I noticed that flag had an unusual arrangement of stars. Counting them, I researched the 25-star flag and discovered that Missouri came into the Union as the 24th state shortly before Arkansas became the 25th. I suspect the inn was meaning to honor Missouri, and got their history a little wrong.

Anyway, it’s the Lesmeister’s pleasure to honor Arkansas and our place in the nation’s history…until Michigan followed us into the Union just six months later!

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