The Julia Dean apartment in the front of the Lesmeister building is our most accessible unit. It has easy access right off the city sidewalk with no stairs. The sidewalk has a ramp at both street corners for wheelchair access from street to sidewalk.

The Julia Dean is all on one level. No stairs. All doors are wide enough for wheel chair access, and the bathroom is large enough for easy wheel chair maneuverability. The bathroom lavatories and the kitchen sink are open beneath, for knee space if you need to sit at the sink. The Julia Dean toilet and tub/shower unit have grab bars. We have a removable bench for the tub if you need to sit while bathing.

The Jeff Thompson suite, also in the front of the building, has the same easy access from the street as has the Julia Dean (described above), with no stairs involved. The suite and its bathroom are roomy, but it doesn’t have grab bars around the toilet, and the bathroom lavatories have no “knee space” beneath them.

The de Mun and Stanley suites and the Laurel apartment in the back of the building are not appropriate for a person in a wheel chair, or for anyone who has difficulty climbing a few stairs, since it’s necessary to climb a few steps to use these units. These units don’t have grab bars around their toilets.

The Nancy Jones suite is on the 2nd floor of the St. Charles building, a block and a half from the Lesmeister building, and the suite door is 19 steps above city sidewalk level.

The Laurel apartment is large and roomy, but it’s spread over 3 levels, with 6 steps down from the living area to reach the kitchen/bathroom level, and another 5 steps down from the kitchen level to reach the bedroom area.

Both the Stanley and the de Mun suites are on 2 levels, requiring climbing of 5 steps between the living area and the bed area.