• Each Lesmeister unit sleeps 2 people in a king sized bed, with a maximum of 4 people by using an optional air mattress.
  • Age Requirement: While we welcome people of all ages to stay with us, at least one person in your group must be age 24 or older. If we find that no one in your group meets this age requirement, we’ll have to refuse your reservation.
  • We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.
  • Left Items: people frequently forget some of their “stuff” when they leave. Phone chargers, a shirt left hanging in a closet, a curling iron, etc. We are happy to ship such items back to you if you ask. To cover shipping charges and the trouble of boxing it up and driving it to the post office, a $15 charge will be made to the charge card you used to make your reservation.
  • Reservation Deposit: Your reservation is our guarantee that we will hold your lodging available for you, and your guarantee that you will pay for the service. We secure your reservation by charging your first night’s lodging when you make your reservation. At check in time, your balance will be charged to your credit card on file (or let us know in advance if you plan to pay with cash, or a different card).
  • Cancellation Policy: You can cancel a reservation and receive a refund of your reservation deposit, less a $25 cancellation fee, as long as the cancellation is made at least one week before your scheduled arrival date. If you cancel on shorter than one week’s notice, we will charge you for two night’s lodging (or for one night if you only booked one night) unless we are able to rent the room to someone else on short notice. If you do not show up for your reservation at all, and don’t contact us, we will hold the room for you, in case you’ve had travel delays, and you’ll be charged for the whole stay you booked.
  • As we have no control over family situations, guest illnesses, weather, airline delays, flight cancellations, etc., our cancellation policy applies under those circumstances as well. As a small property unable to refund outside of our cancellation policy, we encourage the purchase of trip insurance. One good travel insurance company is “Insure My Trip,” which lets you compare insurance offers and fees from many different companies at once.


  • Earliest check-in time: 4:00 p.m. (unless you have contacted us ahead of time and set up an earlier arrival time) If you arrive earlier your keypad entry code will not work. There is no limit on how late you can arrive. Anytime after 4 p.m. (16:00) is fine. Just enter your keypad code and you’re in!
  • Latest check-out time: 11:00 a.m, though we can occasionally offer later check out for an additional fee. Contact us if you’re interested in late check-out. You, and your personal possessions, should be out of the suite by check-out time, so we can clean and re-set things for the next guests, who have paid for use of the property by their check-in time. After your checkout time, your door entry code is deleted automatically.
  • At check-out time, please leave things as you found them (no need to make the beds…we’ll be changing them and the towels).  In the two apartments, all dishes should be washed and put away. Please remove any opened food from the refrigerator and cabinets and place it in the trash receptacle.
  • Room Cleaning: We do not offer daily maid service. We’ll give you a starter supply of things like coffee, soap, and toilet paper. If you run out of something, do what you’d do at home: go to a store and restock. Contact us if you really need us and we’ll make every effort to help you out as soon as we can get there! If you stay more than a week with us, we offer basic cleaning of your suite and bring fresh towels and linens at the end of each week you spend with us. A clothes washer and dryer are available in your suite for your use (but no washer/dryer in the Nancy Jones suite).

Care of the Property

  • Please do not burn any wax-dripping candles anywhere in the building. We do allow tealight candles (see image, right) in a container such that they cannot damage anything. If you drip wax that damages our facility, or that requires extra clean-up work, we must charge you for any additional expenses required to return the property to good condition.
  • Jetted (“whirlpool”) tubs: Please do not use bubble bath. The jets multiply the number of bubbles and may cause the tub to overflow! Herbal bath grains and fragrance packets are provided by the tub for your bathing enjoyment.
  • While we do allow children to stay in our units, we do request that children under the age of 13 not be left alone in the suite while the adults in your party are away. Also, at least one person in your party must be age 24 or older.
  • We understand that accidents can happen, resulting in damage to our property. If one occurs, please notify us. Perhaps it can be rectified, though any damages beyond our ability to easily repair may be charged to your credit card. If we suffer loss of revenue because damages you caused prevent us from being able to rent out our property until repairs are made, we’ll have to charge you for that, too.
  • Due to allergy problems suffered by some of our guests, even well-behaved pets cannot be allowed in our property. If we find that you have brought a pet into our building we must charge you a deep cleaning fee of $300 or more to remove the odor from curtains, rugs, furniture, etc., and we will ask you to leave the property immediately, with no refund of the rental fees you have paid.
  • By state law, SMOKING and VAPING are not allowed anywhere in the building. If you smoke or vape, do so outdoors only, and keep windows and exterior doors closed to help prevent smoke from entering the building. Also, please dispose of cigarette butts properly. We have designated smoking areas at the north end of the front porch, at each end of the back porch, and on the Stanley suite patio. If we find that you have smoked or vaped in our building we must charge you a deep cleaning fee of $300 or more to remove the odor from curtains, rugs, furniture, etc., and we will ask you to leave the property immediately, with no refund of the rental fees you have paid.

 Your Privacy

  • Our Privacy Policy – Fear not! We will never reveal your contact or personal information to ANYBODY! This means if an acquaintance of yours, or anyone else, contacts us to ask if you are staying with us, we’ll have to tell them that we cannot respond to questions about our guests.

More questions? See our FAQ Page, or contact us.