Electric Vehicle Charging

Lesmeister Guesthouse offers a complimentary vehicle charge to drivers of Tesla or other electric or hybrid vehicle. We are…

  • 40 miles from the Jonesboro, AR Tesla supercharger.
  • 109 miles from the Miner (Sikeston) MO Tesla supercharger.
  • 120 miles from the Memphis, TN superchargers.
  • 152 miles from the Jackson, TN supercharger.
  • 153 miles from the Little Rock, AR supercharger.
  • 170 miles from the Rolla, MO supercharger.
  • 182 miles from the Springfield, MO supercharger.
  • 193 miles from the St. Louis, MO South County Center Way Tesla supercharger.
  • 204 from the Grenada, MS supercharger.

We have 2 chargers, a Tesla-only high-powered wall charger that delivers up to 80 amps/19 kW of power to your car, and a generic Bosch J1772 charger that will deliver up to 30 amps.

Our chargers are located in the back of the Lesmeister building, by the Lewis de Mun and Henry M. Stanley suites, and the Laurel apartment. If you are staying in the front of the building, in the Julia Dean apartment or Jeff Thompson suite, you’ll need to drive around to the back of the building to use the charger. Once your vehicle is charged you should move it to a regular parking space so others can access the charger.

The GPS address of the charging area is 36.262160, -90.969629
104 E Pyburn Street, Pocahontas AR 72455