Payments made through this payment portal are secure. SUCCESSFUL RESERVATIONS RECEIVE AN AUTOMATED E-MAIL CONFIRMATION RIGHT AWAY, WITH A CONFIRMATION NUMBER. A bit later we’ll manually e-mail the door code you’ll need to enter your suite, along with directions to find it. If you don’t get a confirmation e-mail within 8 hours of making the reservation, check your spam/junk mail folder. If the confirmation isn’t there, you should contact us, because your reservation probably didn’t go through, or you made a typo when you entered your email address.

The mailing address you enter in the payment form must be the billing address of the charge card. Note that all fields in the payment form are required, including card type (Visa, Mastercard, etc.).

The availability calendar you see here is THE official calendar. It’s always up to date!

  • Room Cleaning: We are not a hotel. There’s no staff on site to replenish your supplies. We do not offer daily maid service. We’ll give you a starter supply of things like coffee, soap, and toilet paper. If you run out of something, do what you’d do at home: go to a store and restock. Contact us if you really need us and we’ll make every effort to help you out as soon as we can get there! If you stay more than a week with us, we offer basic cleaning of your suite and bring fresh towels and linens at the end of each week you spend with us. A clothes washer and dryer are available in your suite for your use (but no washer/dryer in the Nancy Jones suite).

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