A nice place for morning coffee

I haven’t posted anything lately about the work at the Lesmeister Guesthouse project. Things have been happening, but nothing particularly photo-worthy until today.

Most of the basic electrical wiring is done now. Both furnaces are in place and some of the duct work has been installed. They have begun framing to cap the cistern in The Laurel apartment (with a window so you can see inside the cistern, but can’t get into it). A huge hole 16′ (5 meters) deep has been dug in the middle of Pyburn Street to make the sewer connection. Even the city water department was amazed that the main city sewer line was so deep under the road there.

Today they got the first framing done on the shed roof over the front sidewalk, which will soon make a shady and weather-proof location for enjoying my morning coffee. The 4 support posts you see in the photo below are only temporary. There will be 7 support posts when it’s finally done.

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