Building The Stair Rails

The welder has started work in the Lesmeister Guesthouse Laurel apartment, building the steel rails for the stairs that lead up from the main level to the living area level, and down to the bedroom level, and the rail that will extend along the side of the living area that’s raised above the main level. See architect’s drawing of what we’re aiming for, and photos of what the steel meister has built so far!

Architect’s drawing of what the stair rail will look like.
This image shows the steel support that has been built for the wooden stair treads, and the bottom of the stair post the welder has built to hold the stair rail. This stairway goes up to the living area mezzanine. The posts are nice and plumb. They just look tilted because I didn’t hold the camera straight!
This view shows the support posts the welder has built to support the rail that will keep people from falling from the raised living area. The gray stairs on the left are just temporary. They’ll be gone soon.
A view to the right end of the living area. The stairway rail will lead you to the main floor, then turn and go on down the stairs into the bedroom that’s under the living area.

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