Fun At the Guesthouse!

Readers of the Lesmeister Guesthouse Blog might enjoy this report by Pocahontas Star Herald columnist Jana Caldwell*, who, along with her husband Mike, recently enjoyed her first visit to The Lesmeister!

A few months ago, I won a night’s stay at The Lesmeister Guest House, downtown just off the square. It’s right next to The Downtown Playhouse and also Bella Piazza [Italian Restaurant]. When I got it, I was wondering when I might use it, being in the same town and all. Turns out we had an 80th birthday party for my mom and my sisters came home. That was perfect. I’d let my sister stay there Friday night and soak up the luxury one night before returning to my less than fancy home. I made the reservations, got the door code and sent her the information. The day before she was to arrive, something came up and they were delayed until Saturday. I felt it was too late to cancel so I was just going to let the room go.

Friday night I picked Mike up from work so we could get some supper and make a grocery run. I mentioned the room and said we should just go by and make it look like we had stayed and of course, take the tiny soaps and shampoos.

We walked into what could only be classified as Heaven on Earth. Our room was the Lewis de Mun suite. Featuring new construction inside a beautifully rehabilitated 1902 commercial building. Original ceilings and woodwork but all the amenities of a fancy hotel. We set the thermostat on a balmy 64 degrees. Hot flashes, you know. Our room had a king size bed with high-thread count sheets that felt like you were laying on a fluffy white cloud. We had both firm and soft pillows, bathrobes and slippers. It was raining outside so we didn’t need the quiet sounds machine. It was like we had stepped back in time but took all the good stuff with us!

Upon entering the bathroom, we discovered heated floors and a towel rack that heated your towels. Now, I always thought I was somewhat cultured but what we experienced next, we had never seen the likes of. I had heard of a bidet but had never been anywhere that actually had one. Mike stepped out while I used the facilities. I sat on the heated seat and took the remote in hand. Now, I don’t know if you have ever “used” a bidet but it’s an interesting experience, especially the heated water. I concluded my experience and then it was Mike’s turn. I’m not going to go into too many details but just picture me on one side of the door shouting “Ok, hit the button on the right. NO, ON THE RIGHT! DON’T HIT THE BUTTON ON THE LEFT! Yes, the water is supposed to be hot. Yes, that’s normal. Yes, it’s supposed to do that. I understand, it’s actually more of a tool for a woman.”

After our bidet tutorial, we decided to try out the SaniJet spa tub. It’s located right beside the fancy shower that you could fit about 12 people in and it had gels and bath salts in a wide variety to try. We filled a tub of warm water, lit the Eleven Point candle and soaked away the troubles of the day for the next hour, while watching the storm through our own private sky light. After our soak and 2 episodes of Andy Griffith on the flat screen TV above the tub, we retrieved our oversized Turkish cotton towels off the towel warmer and walked across our heated floor to the loft bedroom area. But of course, not before we indulged in our three different European body lotions selection. Just call me Queen Jana…

We put on our fluffy robes and slippers and piled up on our king-sized bed. We turned on one of our 3 TV’s and started watching our free HBO. We retrieved our water from the minifridge and debated on making a gourmet pot of coffee but landed on ordering a pizza from Bella Piazza next door. Mike ran over and got it when it was ready. We then dined in our robes, watching TV, piled up in bed while it stormed outside for the next few hours. Funny thing, when I got the gift certificate I wondered when I would ever use it and after my 6 hours in The Lesmeister House, I’m wondering when I can plan to go back! Talk about a “Stay-Cation” … BEST. NIGHT. EVER.



* Jana Caldwell is the author of the book Thursday Night Confessions

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