Johnny Cash Boyhood Home To Open In April

Located just 90 minutes from Pocahontas and the Lesmeister Guesthouse, this year brings the opening of Johnny Cash’s boyhood home as a museum. The single-story wooden farmstead is being returned to its original state as part of a $10 million project designed to get Cash’s hometown of Dyess back on its feet – echoing the fresh start Cash’s parents got when they were given the Arkansas farm in the 1930s as part of President Franklin D Roosevelt’s New Deal.

The house is the centerpiece of a restoration project that aims to tell the history of the purpose-built Depression-era town. It is scheduled to open on April 26, and the hope is that some of the 600,000 people who visit Graceland, home of Cash’s contemporary Elvis Presley, will drive a further 50 miles north from Memphis to the Man in Black’s museum. Cash’s surviving brother and sister have ensured that all the furnishings – upright piano, pot-bellied stove, Silvertone tabletop radio – are authentic and accurate.

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