Lesmeister Apartments AND SUITES!

Lesmeister Guesthouse Pocahontas Arkansas USA Expansion

Work recently began on the expansion of Lesmeister Guesthouse with the addition of three new suites. As you can see above, they have jackhammered out some of the old concrete slab floor and installed the underground portions of the plumbing for the suites, and they’ve removed some of the old metal ceiling panels for repairs before reinstalling them.

The new suites will receive the same finishes (same floors, ceilings, walls, and wood trim) as the current Lesmeister apartments, but rather than full kitchens they’ll each have an alcove with minifridge, microwave, coffee machine and ice maker. Each suite will have a “stacked” washer and dryer for use by guests, but they will be small machines rather than the full-sized equipment in the apartments. These changes will save enough space to allow three roomy suites in the same amount of space occupied by the two existing apartments.

Each bathroom will have a Sanijet whirlpool tub (including 2 tubs larger than the ones in the current apartments) as well as separate, large shower stalls.

Two of the suites will have their own private outdoor sitting area, with the third suite opening onto the front sidewalk like the current Julia Dean apartment.

I’ll look forward to occasional blog posts to keep readers updated on the progress!

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