Lesmeister Goes International


Today it was only 93F (34C) in Pocahontas so I decided it was a good day for an outside project. The flags I added to the front of the Lesmeister all have a reason for being there, and they really dress the place up. Left to right, they are…

  • Belgium, because my family hosted a Belgian exchange student while I was a freshman in college, and he’s still like a member of the family.
  • France, because they used to own this land, before we bought it from Napoleon as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.
  • Arkansas, obviously because that’s our state.
  • United States of America, again for obvious reasons.
  • Lesmeister Guesthouse Logo flag.
  • Spain, because they owned this land before Napoleon took it away from them.
  • Sweden, because my family hosted 2 Swedish exchange students in the 1990’s who are like sons to me.

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