Directions To Find The Laurel, The Lewis de Mun, and The Henry Stanley

Below is information on how to find the Lesmeister Laurel apartment, Lewis de Mun suite, and Henry Morton Stanley suite. You can print this information and take with you if you need help to find your lodging.

  • Coming from the north (St. Louis) and east, traveling through the town of Corning, you will enter town on highways US 67 and US 62 (they combine into one road at Corning and separate again at Pocahontas). Follow the US highway into town and  turn right at the first stoplight, climbing the steep hill on State Highway 90.
  • Coming from the south (Memphis, Little Rock), traveling by the town of Walnut Ridge, you will enter Pocahontas on highway US 67. Continue following US 67. You will pass through 3 stop lights, one just after you have passed the Days Inn, another by McDonald’s restaurant, and a third stop light at the intersection with US Highway 67. Continue on through that stop light, following Highway 67 north, then at the fourth stoplight, turn left, climbing the steep hill on State Highway 90
  • Coming from the west, traveling through the town of Imboden, you will enter Pocahontas on highway US 62. Pass through the first stoplight beside Orscheln Farm & Home Supply. Continue to follow US 62 to the next stop light, then turn left onto US Highway 67 North, then at the fourth stoplight, turn left, climbing the steep hill on State Highway 90.

Due to some one-way streets in the downtown area, the path to our building will guide you around these. At the top of the steep hill, you have reached the heart of our town. Turn right onto Bettis Street and proceed one block, then turn left onto Everett Street. Proceed another block then turn right onto Marr Street.

Follow Marr Street one block, passing the Lesmeister Building on the right, and turn right onto Pyburn Street. Proceed 1/2 block and turn right a final time, into the private driveway behind the Lesmeister Building. You need to drive all the way up to the end of the driveway and park your car by the Lesmeister rear deck. This is your private parking area.

Please do not park farther down the driveway, as that is the private property of our neighbor. You need to pull all the way to the top of the driveway to be on our property.


There’s also free public parking along the streets and in the large public parking lot at the intersetion of Marr Street and Pyburn Street.

When you enter your suite, please make sure the door closes behind you when you come and go, so it will be locked. From the outside, you can always unlock it by entering your 4-digit code. From the inside, of course, just turn the doorknob to open the door.

NOTE: If you enter an incorrect 4-digit code, the lock will flash a red light and beep twice to indicate the error. When you enter your correct code, a green light will flash on the lock, the lock will beep once, and you can turn the door latch and enter.

The barbeque grill is on the ground level below the deck, and is shared with other guests of the Lesmeister on a first come, first served basis.

A welcome book in the suite will give you full details on enjoying your stay, including how to work the temperature control, televisions, etc.



Your door code will be automatically activated at checkin time and deactivated at checkout time. We look forward to your stay with us!

St. Charles Properties
106 E Pyburn (physical address of The Lesmeister Laurel Apartment)
Pocahontas, AR 72455
Phone: 1-501-291-1233