Sleeping On A Cloud

Everybody who has done much traveling for pleasure knows that the best part of the trip is the planning, where, from the comfort of your own home and surroundings you have perfected over the years, you vicariously live a while in the places you are planning to visit soon.

I guess I’m at that stage with the Lesmeister Guesthouse, with none of the hard work that’s coming and all of the planning that seems so easy months before the grand opening. Along those lines, I’m currently enjoying experimenting with bedding to use in the Lesmeister. In the last month my little bed has undergone a multi-hundred dollar renovation, as I use my own bed to help decide what the beds will be like at the Lesmeister.

I’ve kept the wonderful box springs and mattress I bought from Bowlin Furniture in 1980, but everything else is  new. I’ve added a white, pleated “bed skirt” to hide the bed legs. The mattress is now covered with a 4-inch foam “topper” and sealed, along with the pillows, within a goretex envelope that lets the old beauty “breathe’ while being protected from any damage a wine-drinking guest might spill on her.

Next come the high-thread-count sheets I discovered at a bed and breakfast I visited in Eureka Springs, Ark., when I took my “aspiring innkeepers seminar”. Atop those is a fluffy duvet protected inside a duvet cover. All this is as white as an Arkansas cloud.

My goal is to emulate the wonderful “heavenly beds” of the Westin hotel chain (below), and so far it’s going very well! Living in high cotton here in Arkansas…

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