St. Charles Pre-Construction Photo Gallery

In the sidebar to the right of this page I’ve now added a link to a photo gallery showing a few old photos of the St. Charles building, as well as several photos of the building taken when I purchased it. This building will become The St. Charles B&B in 2013.

This building was built in 1860 and is the oldest building in Pocahontas. It is a historic treasure, and the upstairs really looks like someone just walked out one day in 1920, locked the door, and nothing has changed there since. It’s a real walk back in time. The building has special meaning for me since my great-grandfather, and later my grandfather, ran the town’s newspaper, the Pocahontas Star Herald, in this building from about 1905 to 1940, before the newspaper moved to a different location.

Staff the Pocahontas Star Herald in The St. Charles building circa 1910.

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