The best things in life

I ran across someone’s list here of “the best things in life”. It’s a good list, but the word family is no were on it. I’ve always felt that time spent in conversation with family and friends is some of the best time you can ever spend, and it costs almost nothing.

So often, though, this “quality time” is hard to find at home. Everybody’s so busy, so involved with what they do all day, every day, that nobody spends much time at home to just sit and talk, without interuptions.That’s where holidays and vacations come in. The time spent talking with your family while traveling is often the most memorable part of the trip.

Having a peaceful place to stay when you’re away from home can be an important part of a good travel experience, and the comfort and “hominess” of a place like The Lesmeister, or a bed and breakfast accommodation, can be much more conducive to relaxed and enjoyable conversation, and rest, than time spent in a more run of the mill location.

Compare the photos below. Where would you rather stay? Which room would make you enjoy your vacation more? There’s a better way to stay, and often for the same or little more cost that you’d pay for a standard motel room.

A better way to stay.
A typical motel room, or a better way to stay. The choice is yours.

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