This Week’s Progress

The electrician was in The Julia Dean apartment of the Lesmeister Guesthouse this afternoon, hanging the track lighting in the living/dining/kitchen areas. Also, the wood decking is now on the roof of the rear deck (see third photo below).

We had one problem arise in the project when the painter mistakenly applied paint primer to the interior side of the front door to The Laurel apartment, a surface that was supposed to get a dark stain. When he realized his error, he worked hard to sand the primer off and take it back to bare wood, but when he tried to stain it, we found that the primer does what a primer is supposed to do: it penetrated deeply into the grain of the wood and prevented the stain from coloring the wood. So we decided to paint that door surface since we couldn’t stain it.

But when I went by the project today, I noticed that the door is stained after all, and it looks great. The painter must have come up with a solution to the primer problem, and I’m very happy about that! See photos below.

door1 Lesmeister Guesthouse door and transom Lesmeister Guesthouse Deck Roof Lesmeister Guesthouse

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