Tuckpointing: a wonderful thing

Tuckpointing: The process of repairing a mortar joint in a brick wall. The term comes from the process of tucking mortar into the damaged mortar joint with the point of a trowel called a “pointing trowel.” Tuckpointing is a critical maintenance task and keeps water from entering the brick wall cavity.

Last week was tuckpointing week at the Lesmeister Guesthouse project. One hundred years of weather had eroded the original mortar joints deeply between the bricks of the building, and now all that mortar has been restored. It looks like a brand new 1902 building! In the front they colored the mortar red to match the original. In the back it’s the traditional uncolored mortar.

The plumbers have also begun their work and have the main drain line installed that will drain waste water out of the building. See photos below (click the photos to enlarge them for better viewing, then click the enlarged photo again to enlarge even more. Use your browser’s back button to return here):

All the exposed brick in the rear, and all the stone foundation, has new mortar. They also laid new brick to close up an old window opening (to the right of the white door) since a partition wall was built long ago to divide the buildings basement into two separate rooms. Notice the NEW window opening they have cut to the right of the old bricked-up window. This new window will let light into one of the basement bedrooms.


Workers digging the waist-deep trench (the plaster wall in the background ends at floor level) for the main drain pipe for the building.
This large PVC pipe, which will be deep beneath the concrete floor of the building, will carry waste water out of the building. It's the first major new thing in the building. There will be much to follow!

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