Walls in The Laurel

Walls are going up in The Laurel, the larger apartment in the Lesmeister Guesthouse. I’ve added some labels to help identify different areas in the photos below. The 13-foot (4-meter) high wall dividing the front apartment from the rear apartment is a foot (0.3 meter) thick, giving lots of room for sound proofing. The walls dividing the kitchen from the utility room from the bathroom are 9 feet (2.75 meters) high.

They haven’t built some of the walls yet, including the partition between the spa tub and the toilet, and the wall between the bathroom and the living area, but you can see the doorway that will lead to the narrow, hallway-like utility room from the bathroom. I’ve put a drawing of the floor plan at the bottom, to help orient you. The bedroom and famous Lesmeister cistern are down the steps, beneath the mezzanine/living area.

The pace quickens…

View of what will be The Laurel’s kitchen, as seen from the living area.
What will become The Laurel’s bathroom, viewed from the raised living area.
The Laurel upstairs floor plan. The bedroom and famous Lesmeister cistern are down the stairs, beneath the mezzanine/living area.

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