Water a Lesmeister and See It Grow

I got word yesterday from the architect, whose mechanical engineer had been in contact with the local water department regarding water and sewer connections to the Lesmeister. The city wants each apartment to be on its own water meter, rather than one big meter for the whole building. Makes me wonder if the local hotels and motels have to install a meter for every room. I doubt it, and dread having to pay, each month, four trash disposal charges, four mosquito control charges, four sewer access charges, etc., rather than one. Oh well, if they want four I guess they’ll get four.

Also, they want us to install a fire hydrant and a manhole in the back yard, the area where I’m planning a nice barbecue area. I guess the presence of the fire hydrant will help on insurance rates, but I hate to have the thing spoiling the look of a nice courtyard. We’ll see what we can come up with the hide the thing!

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