An Important Milestore: Insulation

They insulated all the exterior walls of the Lesmeister apartments today. This means they can soon start hanging drywall (Sheetrock)!

They insulated with high-density foam they spray on the walls. It then expands to fill the wall space and seal everything air-tight. They were done, cleaned up and gone by 3 p.m.

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Newly insulated living room wall in the Julia Dean apartment. The wood rectangle on the lower right is blocking in the wall for attachment of a wall-mount flat screen TV.
Julia Dean apartment, looking from the living room at the newly insulated wall of the bedroom. The wood rectangle on the wall is blocking to support the wall-mounted flatscreen TV in the bedroom. The closet door opening to the left of the TV gives scale for the ceiling height in the apartment.
The newly insulated mezzanine living room of The Laurel apartment. I’m hoping the windows will appear soon! The wood rectangle on the wall on the right is blocking to support the wall-mounted TV in this living area.

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