The Pocahontas National Historic District is home to Arkansas’ only quilt trail, with about 60 locally-made quilts displayed on the outside walls of downtown buildings. Many quilt trails around the country just feature a painting of a single square from various quilts, but our trail features near-full-size images of the whole quilts, photographically printed on vinyl material and mounted on the walls of downtown.

There are quilts within steps of both the Lesmeister Guesthouse and the St. Charles, and you can pick up the trail from any point and follow it back to your point of origin, seeing all the quilts in order. Following the quilt trail gives a good walking or driving tour of the historic district. The Heritage Museum, on the north side of the town square, has maps of the quilt trail as well as booklets describing each quilt, including who made it and when, and the significance of its design.

One of about 60 quilts displayed on the walls of downtown Pocahontas, Arkansas, buildings.

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