Breaking In Julia Dean

Lesmeister Julia Dean Dining Area

Tonight I’m spending the night in Lesmeister Guesthouse’s Julia Dean apartment. It’s the first time anybody has stayed here, and I picked today because this is the day the sheets arrived for the bed! Out of all my planning and preparation, the one thing I forgot to order were the sheets!

So the first few guests who stayed here had to settle for “Walmart’s best” but now the good stuff is here! It took a couple of weeks to get them, but they’re worth it. I’m finding the apartment quiet and comfortable, though it’s only a sidewalk’s width from Marr Street.

So far, so good, and I really haven’t noted anything missing or needing a change. I’ll probably open the apartment up for guests to begin renting on Friday. Then, with building, furnishing, and testing essentially complete, I can turn to finally starting to market the apartments and see what time brings.

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  1. David Bowlin

    The besf of luck to you and your new enterprise, and a hearty welcome to the world of innkeepers, on Friday, your opening day.

    We have all seen you work very hard and long hours, and judge your results to be truly spectacular. Certainly you have created in the restoration of this stately antique building, with the finest of appointments and accoutrements, all adhering to the period in which it was built, a showcase of excellent carpentry craftsmanship and exquisite tastes combined.

    Good luck my friend,
    David Bowlin – Shady River

  2. Patrick Carroll

    Thanks, David! Looking forward to having you and Linda stay at The Lesmeister so we can put the BBQ grill into action!

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