Downtown Property Owners Take Over!

Spurred on by an idea by Linda Bowlin, several of us downtown business and property owners worked Saturday and Sunday to string lights in the trees (overgrown crape myrtle shrubs) in several downtown planters to give our downtown some extra Christmas charm! We didn’t ask permission from the city. We just did it. Sometimes it’s the only way to get things done around here!

Mitchell Clay and his son Gage, of Computer Corner, and Linda Bowlin of the Riffel and Bowlin law firm, tap the power on the city light pole to run the lights we strung in the large crape myrtles in the planters around the town square. I’m the photographer. Easier job.
Lights we put in the tree in front of Marilyn’s Clogging on the town square. I went back today and moved the lights higher in the tree. It’s a bit sparse. We’re going to add more lights soon. We lit trees on all four corners of the square.

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