Finally, Some Interior Photos!

Julia Dean apartment living area.We got some paintings hung this week, so I can finally show some interior photos of Lesmeister Guesthouse. Amazingly, it’s the wall art that seems to make a house a home.

I’ve posted some preliminary photos. These are by no means final, as we have much more to do, and some of the photos “lean” to the left a bit. But readers of the Lesmeister blog might enjoy seeing some photos of what’s there now. The “real” photos for the website will come soon.

Click the link below to see the slideshow at the top of the website page. Our first real guest arrives in a week!

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  1. Patrick Carroll

    Waiting to get the hanging baskets and BBQ grill placed out back, but I guess I could go ahead and put up a temporary photo of the back porch then add better ones later.

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