First Window. About time!

I’ve seen so many new houses being built. One week to put in the footings and foundations. One week to frame it. By the third week the roof is on. At one month the windows and doors are in. Almost ready to move in.

So it was with great delight that I noticed that the first window has finally appeared in the Lesmeister project. This one, below, is in the bedroom of the Laurel apartment. Many more to follow. Before you ask why it’s not an arch-topped window let me say that the original window would have probably been rectangular like this one, and we’re trying to be true to how the building would have been originally.

The wonderful arch is not there for its beauty. It’s actually structural, as the physics of an arch lets the brick arch support the weight of all the bricks of the wall above the window. The arch, a poor man’s header, is there to save money, I suspect, as without the brick arch the original builders would have had to order an expensive iron header from Memphis to do the job.

Laurel Window

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  1. Joyce McFall Castleberry

    Be sure to take labels, plastic and all off the windows before the sun cooks them on. Learned that the hard way…
    xxoxo Joyce

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