Ghost Stories

I met this evening at The St. Charles for a video interview with documentarian John Pasmore. He has created documentaries on the famous New Madrid earthquakes that shook this part of mid-America in 1811-1812 and the sinking of the Sultana, the worst maritime disaster in American history, but tonight he was with a group of northeast Arkansas ghost hunters, digging into the history of the St. Charles, the St. Charles Massacre, and their hopes of finding ghosts roaming the halls (hall) of The St. Charles. They’re spending the night at the St. Charles, filming, recording, and listening as I sleep comfortably in my little bed, cooled by air conditioning that was unheard of in the old days, and current days, of the St. Charles. I’ll have pleasant dreams. They won’t!

I’m anxious to see their final production, though I dread hearing myself speak on camera!


By the way…there are some interesting new developments in the story of the St. Charles Massacre. I’ll post them separately.

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  1. Hillary McNerney

    I would like to contact some ghost hunters in the Jonesboro area. Do you have any contact info for them? Thank you!

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