Innkeeping Group To Visit The Lesmeister Guesthouse

Road Trip Map

A group of  innkeepers, members of  Inn, are currently on a “road trip” around the central states of the US, and they’re due to arrive Friday, December 13, for a one-night stay at Lesmeister Guesthouse (Point G on the map above).

The Lesmeister is also an Inn Rewards member, and the four traveling innkeepers will be in Pocahontas to “talk shop” about innkeeping and things they have in common with management at The Lesmeister. The visitors are owners of…

Their journey, hopping from inn to inn, began in Indiana December 10, moved on to Missouri December 11, with the night of December 12 being spent in Branson, Missouri before they travel to Pocahontas on the 13th.

Their adventures can be followed on Facebook at, and more information can be found on their blog,

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  1. BC

    I hope they make it. Our Friday forecast has been changed to rain only with temperatures remaining above freezing both day and night, but the situation tfrom Brranson through the Ozarks may not be as good.

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