Latest Architectural Renderings Of The St. Charles B&B

Tommy Jameson, the gifted Little Rock architect on the projects currently repainting the face of downtown Pocahontas, sent the latest renderings on what will become The St. Charles B&B. With the Lesmeister Guesthouse project approaching its Phase 1 end, we’ll be moving to the St. Charles in just a few months. Like the Lesmeister project, we’ll do half of the St. Charles in Phase 1, then return later to finish.

  • The grand plan is to do Phase 1 of the Lesmeister in 2012/13, with two vacation rental apartments due to open soon.
  • Then here in 2013 we’ll do the 2nd floor of the St. Charles, with a one-bedroom apartment and two bed and breakfast suites.
  • Then in 2014 we’ll return to the Lesmeister and build two more vacation rental apartments, if business in the first two apartments supports that, or we’ll create retail space in the other half of the Lesmeister building if I decide I don’t need two more apartments there.
  • Finally, in 2015, we’ll do the downstairs of The St. Charles, with two more bed and breakfast suites and two retail spaces at street level.

Below are the architect’s drawings, one showing the proposed front of The St. Charles, and another showing the magnificent double-decker porch on the back of The St. Charles. When the place is full some day, imagine 5 couples of guests and tenants sitting out on the porch watching the river flow by Pocahontas. NOTE: the porch and stair rails in the drawings are just what the computer automatically fills in for railings. The actual railings will look more appropriate to a building from 1860.

The third drawing shows the current floor plan of the second floor of The St. Charles, with the apartment on the left, along with the sauna, and the two bed and breakfast suites on the right.

Be sure to click the floor plan image to enlarge it, then click again to zoom in on any places you want to enlarge to “max”. In the plan, the back of the building, with the river view, is at the top, and the front of the building with the beautiful views of the 1872 courthouse, is at the bottom. Both B&B suites have 2-person jet tubs in the bathrooms, as well as separate showers. The rear suite also has a skylight in the bathroom. There’s also a skylight over the central hallway, and a skylight over the kitchen of the apartment.

SW_Perspective NE_Perspective Second_Floor_Plan

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  1. robert carroll

    Do you think you might take part of the Owner’s Closet and place some sort of “kitchette” in that unit. You may not want to for up-keep, cleaning and etc. But, it is a pretty big space and might be more attractive with some sort of area to eat/prepare food in the unit, especially for the possible “long-term resident” if such occurs in Pocahontas: the business person who need to be in town for an extended stay for instance.

  2. Patrick

    Yes, a kitchenette and washer/dryer for guest use is already in the plans for downstairs. So it won’t be available from day one, but will be there by the 2015 Phase 2 work. Guests in all 4 B&B suites will have access to an ice machine, cooktop and toaster oven. The suites will each have a small fridge and microwave.

    And yes, long-term visitors are common here. Right now I’m negotiating with a doctor who wants to stay at the Lesmeister every other week, long term. He’ll work at our hospital a week, then be in Little Rock a week. And that’s just one example. We also have people who move here and need to spend a few weeks renting while they look for a house.

  3. Patrick

    Glad you like it, Jennifer! And the front view is an authentic reproduction of old photos we have of the building. The rear double-decker porch is a new creation, but a wonderful one! What a great place to spend an evening sipping wine and watching the world go by. Kind of what you have on the back of your own building, but designed by a structural engineer!

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