Lesmeister Building’s Rear Deck Progress

The photo below shows the latest progress on the rear deck of the Lesmeister Guesthouse. The upright columns that will eventually support the deck’s roof were originally the same light, new wood color as the stairs and the rest of the wood on the deck, but they’ve now coated them with a secret potion architect Tommy Jameson knows about, that instantly gives the wood the look of aged barn wood. I really like it!

At the current rate of progress, I’m guessing they’ll now need a week to build the deck’s roof, a week to build the hand rails, and a week to build the mechanical room (closet) under the deck that will house the fire sprinkler system equipment.Then a week to concrete the rear parking area and driveway, and about two more weeks to finish the cistern and other final trim work. During that time the painter, flooring people, and electrician will be finishing up their own jobs, so I’m guestimating a completion time in about six more weeks, putting us at the end of March.

Then a month to get the furniture in and have a few trial runs with the family down there, to see what we’ve forgotten, puts an opening date of about May 1. Maybe.

Rear Deck Lesmeister

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