Lesmeister Contract Signed. Work To Begin.

Today we signed the contract with the general contractor for the adaptive rehabilitation of the Lesmeister building into the Lesmeister Guesthouse. Work should begin late this week or early next week. Finally!

I’ll post photos as soon as something actually happens.

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  1. james blessing

    henry a. lesmeister was my grandfather – as of this date 18 decendants are planning a trip ( when you are open) – we plan to contact the remaining peters family (don’t know who remains) theresa (aunt tressy) – please let us know the schedule – by the way two of the decendants are architects hope to see you soon

    James H. Blessing
    4007 Vintage Ct.
    Lawrence, Ks 66047
    785 838 8979
    cell 785 218 6564

  2. Patrick

    That’s fascinating, James! I have pieced together what I’ve written about Mr. Lesmeister from what little information I could find in the book, “The Making of Catholic Hill” and some deed information I found at the county courthouse. I’d be excited to learn any more about the man and his family, and photos would be most welcome. The one photo I have is a scan of a bad photo in the Catholic Hill book.

    I went to St. Paul’s cemetery a few months ago and found the graves of Henry and his wife Martha. It was interesting to see that Martha’s gravestone says “Wife of Heinrich Lesmeister”, so I’m guessing that he was born Heinrich but it was Americanized to Henry later.

    It’s a very solidly built building, and I’m happy to have another German descendant family, the Baltz brothers, doing the restoration for me!

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