Let the sun shine in!

Big changes appeared evident today on the Lesmeister Guesthouse construction site as the “modern” storefronts added in the 1960’s were removed in preparation for recreating the original storefronts of 110 years ago.

The two photos below show how the front of the building looked yesterday, then how it looks today. Vive la différence!

The Lesmeister building as it has appeared for the last 50 years.
The old storefront as it must have looked during initial construction 110 years ago, before they added the front glass and doors.

4 Replies to “Let the sun shine in!”

  1. Robert Carroll

    Quite beautiful, very nice reconstruction. How soon before you begin accepting reservations?

  2. Patrick

    A little early to say. The construction contract requires it to be essentially done by October 15, then I’ll probably spend a few weeks getting it furnished and doing trial runs with me spending a couple of nights in each unit to look for problems and things I’ve forgotten to have on hand in the rooms.

    So may be open for business by mid-November.

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