New Public Art Across Street From Lesmeister


The Pocahontas Public  Art Guild as has been at work this week right across the street from Lesmeister Guesthouse. They’ve painted fun silhouettes on the side of Bella Vita Italian Restaurant. They look great in a photo and even better seen  “live”! As I understand it, the man with his arms out to the left of the door in the photo will soon have a dog on a leash painted in.

Downtown Pocahontas in general, and North Marr Street in particular, is alive as an art and entertainment district. With Lesmeister Guesthouse right in the middle of it, our NoMa (North Marr Street) District features 5 wonderful blocks that include an art gallery, a dance and music studio, the best restaurant in town, upscale vacation rental apartments and suites (The Lesmeister), a body art studio, the wonderful new Downtown Playhouse offering Broadway plays, and a neighborhood of beautifully restored fine old homes from the 1800’s!

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