Photos Nov. 28

Painting is mostly done in the Julia Dean apartment, and a couple of new things appeared at the Lesmeister Guesthouse project today. More doors have been hung in the apartments, and a nice molding detail appeared above one of them (see below). A couple of “pocket doors” have also been hung in the Julia Dean apartment, one in the bathroom and one at the bedroom closet. These are “sliding doors” that disappear into the wall when they are closed (also, see below).

In case you’re curious, all the door moldings are cypress wood, and custom-made on the job site. Word at the local hardware store is that the carpenters on this job say the work is hard, but they are learning a lot as they do things they have never done before, recreating the world, and the wood, of the year 1902!

This nice molding appeared today around the bathroom door in the Laurel apartment.
Mostly-closed pocket door in the Julia Dean apartment bathroom. These doors are solid wood, and heavy, but they glide smoothly on macho hardware made for the job!

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  1. Patrick

    I’ll pass the word on to the workers! It’s especially nice to see it come onto the project as just plain lumber, then they cut and shape it to create real millwork. I guess you can’t buy 1902-style woodwork “off the shelf” these days. Gotta make your own!

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