Pre-Vacation Report

I leave tomorrow morning on my first non-work-related vacation in two years, for some much-needed rest. I went by The Lesmeister this morning to take a final look. The Laurel apartment shows great progress since I was there last, with kitchen cabinetry installed, the tile floor laid in the bathroom, and quite a bit of trim work done in the bedroom. Kitchen ranges, dishwashers, and refrigerators are due to arrive tomorrow.

The brick masons were prepared to start work yesterday, building the seven support columns for the rear deck, but a surprise snow and all-day sub-freezing weather drove them away before they got started.

The Julia Dean apartment is pretty much finished, except for lighting and touch-up painting. The track lighting in the living/dining area still hasn’t come in.

I expect to see great progress on things when I return home in two weeks. In the mean time, I may just make a few blog posts from my vacation destinations in Spain and Sweden. There may be lots of photos of plates of food and glasses of wine! (And in Sweden, the white lightning they call schnapps.)

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