President Roosevelt Visits The Lesmeister Guesthouse…

…and stays!

Among the things I got done this weekend at The Lesmeister was to hang my portrait of Theodore Roosevelt above the stairs down to The Laurel apartment’s bedroom.

An oil on canvas recreation of Roosevelt’s official White House portrait, I had this painting created several years ago, after reading one of my favorite books of all time, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris. It’s the story of Roosevelt’s life from birth up to the day when, as Vice President, he became President upon the assassination of William McKinley.

Roosevelt was President when The Lesmeister building was built, and the building was less than a year old when this portrait was painted, so I just had to put it in The Lesmeister. Also, Roosevelt posed for the portrait at a stairway landing in the White House, so it seemed to be appropriate to put it over the stairway inside The Laurel.

In the photo below you may also notice that I got the television mounted on the wall in The Laurel’s living area, and the high-definition is quite nice! I put the TV low on the living room wall so it won’t compete with “Mr. President”, and the look of the old building.

Lesmeister Guesthouse Theodore Roosevelt painting

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