Remember The Lesmeister Guesthouse Cistern?

Lesmeister Guesthouse Cistern

The photo above was sent by phone camera today from Brian Shore, Job Superintendent on the Lesmeister Guesthouse rehabilitation project. It shows a first view of the just-installed glass floor of The Laurel Apartment bedroom, showing the old cistern (water reservoir) we discovered months ago under the old building.

The cistern had been sealed over with concrete and forgotten long ago, and when we discovered its existence, I made the decision to preserve it as a historic part of the building. A switch in The Laurel’s bedroom turns on the light and guests can view, but not enter, the huge old cistern. Engineers in Little Rock specified the steel and concrete to cover the cistern, as well as the “bulletproof glass” that makes it safe to walk over it, making it safer than any bridge you have ever crossed!

4 Replies to “Remember The Lesmeister Guesthouse Cistern?”

  1. InnkeeperVA

    This is definitely something worthwhile seeing! It is really great how it turned out. Glad you kept it visible.

  2. Patrick

    I’m getting an energy efficient, long-lasting LED light bulb to light it with because I picture some people leaving the light on all night in the bedroom as the coolest nightlight on earth!

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