Showing Off The Lesmeister

I opened the Lesmeister building yesterday for its first viewing by the contracting companies who want to bid on the construction project. The contractors seemed impressed at how solid the old building is at age 110. The contractors will tour the building two more times before they submit their bids on the project. Bid opening is scheduled for Friday of next week.

We sent a man into the attic yesterday and got our first view of what’s up there. As the photo below shows, it’s in pristine condition, looking like it was just built yesterday! One hundred ten years with no attic insulation. Amazing!

110-year-old attic of the Lesmeister Guesthouse in Pocahontas, Arkansas, looking almost like it was just built yesterday!

2 Replies to “Showing Off The Lesmeister”

  1. Joyce McFall Castleberry

    Wow! where are the cobwebs? wasp nests? bat quano? water stain? This attic is one in a million!!!
    xoxo J

  2. Patrick

    One of the other shots did show a little dust, a little water stain and a dirt dauber nest, but no cobwebs. I think the place has been abandoned so long there was nothing in there for the spiders to eat!

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