Storefront Glass

The reproduced storefront of the Lesmeister building finally got (most of) its glass today! After months of seeing plywood closing up the window openings, there’s now two layers of insulated glass. They couldn’t put the upper transom glass in on the north side of the storefront because they ran out of cypress to make the window framing, so they’ve ordered more.

The second photo below shows a view from inside the Julia Dean apartment, looking out at Marr Street. The dark dots on the glass are markers glued on to make sure everybody knows there’s glass there now, and you can’t just step through the opening anymore! You can see the dark green paint on the inside walls of the storefront.

After all these months, the public can finally put their noses to the glass and peep in to see what we’re doing to this old building!

2 Replies to “Storefront Glass”


    Pat, I am impressed with what you are doing to revive your home town. It is very comemdable it say the least. It is unfortunate there are not more of your ilk to reinvision and redevelope your area. All you need now is either a little train or bus service.

  2. Patrick

    It’s a fun project! As far as buses and trains, this is still car country, and you can now drive on 4 or more lanes of highway from downtown Pocahontas to Los Angeles or New York. That’s the best we can offer until our airport grows about 5000%!

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