Technological Breakthroughs

Modern electronics continue to appear at the old Lesmeister building.

  • Six flat screen TV now hang from the two apartment walls.
  • The phones and cable TV works, including HBO high-definition. Game of Thrones, anyone?
  • Yesterday I finally got the Internet to connect.
  • Today I got the Wi-Fi up and running and was delighted to see that every spot on the property receives a good Wi-Fi signal without me having to add all kinds of extra gizmos to make it work. The signal is a little weak in The Laurel’s bedroom, which is basically a concrete bunker, but the signal is still strong enough to use there with no problems.
  • As soon as the Wi-Fi was up, the keypad door locks all connected automatically and I now have full control of all the buildings locks from my home computer, or any computer in the world, including my iPhone!

I had been a bit worried about the “wireless” reaching all 4 doors and all points on the property, but for once, I got lucky! It all works, and works well!

Out back, the contractor has finished landscaping, with new sod laid in some areas and grass seed covered with straw in other areas. This weekend I’ll buy the barbecue grill. All coming together. The first guest arrives 2 weeks from tomorrow, and I now have full confidence that things will be ready!

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