The Laurel Dining Table & Chairs

Yesterday I posted some “stock” photos showing the dining table and chairs the ladies picked out for The Laurel apartment at Lesmeister Guesthouse. Today I can show you the real thing. It’s really beautiful. In these photos there’s an ice bucket and salt and pepper grinders on the table, but the ladies are working on some sort of nice centerpiece that will go there when things are “for real”.

View from the kitchen looking toward the dining and living areas.

Lesmeister Laurel Dining Area 1

View from top of the stairs in the living area, looking down at the dining area and kitchen. That’s a copy of the guest welcome book in the foreground, but it’s out of focus.

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  1. Patrick Carroll

    Thanks! Got to get some pictures on those blank walls and add a few nick nacks around to gather dust, then it will start to feel more human.

    No doilies, though ;-)

  2. Patrick Carroll

    I’ve accumulated quite a bit of wall art, mostly reproductions of art created about the time the building was constructed, but we’re waiting to get all the furniture placed first, when we’ll decide where to hang the art.

  3. Kathy Smith

    This place is extraordinarily nice but comfortable. The setting outdoors is quaint and indoors complete with modern high end amenities. I can visualize a memorable experience for its visitors.

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