The 2012 Lesmeister Clan

I’m happy to report that the creation of the Lesmeister Guesthouse has sparked the desire for a family reunion among the direct descendents of Henry A. Lesmeister, and they’re working on a big get-together in Pocahontas around the time of the opening of the Lesmeister, which I’m currently estimating to be mid-November of this year. A great Thanksgiving indeed!

Work finally began yesterday at the Lesmeister, as workers removed the modern aluminum awning on the front of the building, and re-opened the huge windows in the back of the building, which were sealed with concrete blocks about 50 years ago. So the big job has begun. Just 8 months, and a not-so-small fortune, to go…

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  1. Roger F. Blessing Jr.

    Great Grandson of Henry A. Lesmeister – Grandson of Jr.
    Son of Josephine Lesmeister Blessing, daughter of Jr.

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