The Lesmeister Guesthouse’s First Guest…

…is me! OK, no great surprise there, I suppose.

I’m spending the first night at The Lesmeister tonight, enjoying this wonderful establishment’s free Wi-Fi. Have to spend some time here to see what all I forgot to provide for future guests. I have the deadbolts set because too many carpenters and other tradesmen know the door combinations to enter this place! I’ll soon delete their entry code, but they still have a few minor jobs to do to finish up first.

I’m in The Laurel, of course. It’s the better of two great apartments. The first real guest arrives here May 16.  I’ll also spend a few nights in The Julia Dean too, before the first of its visitors from “off”.

So far so good. Like any traveler, I packed my suitcase with all I need, arrived here and entered my door code, laid out a clean wash cloth in the bathroom and placed my toothbrush, razor, and hair brush on it, just like I do any time I travel (except in Europe, where wash cloths are generally unheard of).

I brought a bottle of champagne I made a couple of years ago, to celebrate the milestone, and can attest that it’s still good! I’d forgotten that the apartments need microwaves, so I bought a couple of those today and enjoyed a nice TV dinner in The Laurel for supper. I’ll leave it to others to do the real cooking here!

I can attest now that the old stairs to the lower level bedroom, and the heated floor in the bathroom, feel just fine to the feet!

Now I’m just waiting on Game of Thrones to start on HBO, and awaiting a nice night’s sleep. This place is VERY quiet for the heart of a big town like Pocahontas!

2 Replies to “The Lesmeister Guesthouse’s First Guest…”

  1. David

    So you’ve got wifi! I wonder how you accomplished that. And how far does it stretch. Or did you simply bring your home router for you breif stay?

  2. Patrick Carroll

    Cable TV, phones and Internet are all installed and working. There’s one Wi-Fi router in the center of the building and the signal is reaching the whole property, even through the brick and concrete, so it looks like I won’t have to buy a lot of expensive additional equipment to get it extended everywhere.

    Since it’s in the center of downtown, I’ve set up a password protected guest Wi-Fi account people can log onto.

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