The Most Beautiful Drive In Randolph County


Our Highway 90 from Pocahontas to Ravenden was recently designated an Arkansas “Scenic Highway”. And it is a beautiful drive. But today I drove Highway 166 and I have to say it’s the most beautiful drive in Randolph County. It’s really no contest, though one could debate what section of 166 is the best.

Thanks to the wonderful Junction 166 Cafe, we all know that the road from the US 62 to Davidsonville is Highway 166, but most don’t know that what we call the Engelberg Road is also Highway 166, and it’s hard for me to say which part of the highway is the more beautiful.

I have always loved the winding drive to Davidsonville, but personally, thanks to the hills and crossing of the Fourche River, and a cutoff lake just north of Fourche, and multiple creeks, I have to say that the drive from U.S. 67 to Engelberg is the most beautiful drive in Randolph County.

Let the debate begin!

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