We’ve got a logo…

…if we only had a guesthouse to put it on!

After a week-long on-line contest we’ve selected the logo for the Lesmeister Guesthouse. It gives the feel of classiness I’m looking for, without being too over-the-top, and it picks up the art nouveau feel that was popular when the building was constructed. The logo will represent the Lesmeister everywhere the guesthouse is mentioned, including on the building’s outdoor sign (once we get the place ready to open), monogrammed on the bathrobes, and printed on the soap wrappers.

I opened the building today for the general contractors to have a second chance to examine the building before they submit their bids next week. Also, I got word from the jet-tub people that our Sanijet tubs have been made and will ship to us soon. So things are finally starting to move on the project!

I’ll let the new logo have the last word…

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