A Few Update Photos

I’ll post a few update photos below. Read the captions for descriptions. Things are slowly progressing, but nothing major to report…

Steel reinforcement bars over the old cistern, in preparation for pouring the concrete basement (bedroom) floor. Wooden forms preserve, near, space for the 3-foot square “bullet proof” glass window that will let guests look down into the cistern. The far form holds space for the lockable hatch to allow access to maintain the lighting in the cistern.
They continue to build the old storefront reconstruction. Since this photo, all the exposed wood now has primer on it in preparation for the final coat of paint.
They’ve re-installed the ornate original crown moldings, where the walls meet the ceiling, in preparation for painting the ceilings. The photo can’t do justice to the size. This crown molding is over 2 feet wide! It’s beautiful, even in the unpainted state. I may charge people to come in and see it! This photo shows the molding over the Julia Dean apartment dining area.
Magnificent crown molding above the kitchen in the Julia Dean apartment.
Finally, nothing to do with the Lesmeister project, but I couldn’t resist posting a photo of the fall color of the Ginko trees on the lawn of the old Randolph County courthouse! (just a few steps from the Lesmeister)

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  1. robert carroll

    Those crown moldings are very special; they add a lot to the restoration.

    Beautiful photo of the old Courthouse; looks like a gorgeous day!

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