Arkansas Has Great Fall Foliage


Enjoy driving in the Ozarks this autumn. Those Ozarks start right here in Pocahontas, and Lesmeister Guesthouse makes a perfect base for enjoying eastern Arkansas’ fall show!

(Click the photo above to take a video test drive.)

4 Replies to “Arkansas Has Great Fall Foliage”

  1. InnkeeperVA

    What a beautiful place! I have never seen a video back like that. I wonder why they chose to do that. I did feel as if I was on the back of a motorcycle sitting that direction. :)

  2. BC

    We have beautiful fall foliage here in Randolph County (Pocahontas) in the Ozark Mountains west of Black River–especially in the river and creek bottoms. Spanish and other red oaks, white oak, dogwoods, red maples, sassafras, sweet gum, black gum (pepperidge), Kentucky coffee tree, bald cypress, persimmon, several elm varieties, muscadine and grape vine, ironwood, sumacs, Aralia spinosa and many more trees combine to make a colorful kaleidoscope.

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