Big plans…

…really big plans arrived today from the Lesmeister Guesthouse architect, Tommy Jameson of Little Rock. It’s the huge set of final drawings of the building plan, as well as the thick book known as the Project Manual that, along with the drawings, specifies every nut, bolt, screw and molding that will make up the half-million dollar+ Lesmeister project.

Tommy Jameson is Arkansas’ prime expert on the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of old buildings, which is exactly why I picked him to lovingly restore and make use of  Mr. Lesmeister’s 112-year-old building. Tommy’s the man who oversaw restoration of what are known as “the old houses” here in Randolph County, the 1828 Rice House and the 1833 Looney Tavern in the Dalton community. He’s also the architect on the project to restore the old Pocahontas train depot to serve as our town’s tourist information center as well as as a museum of commerce and transportation.

Tommy also served as master architect on the recent restoration work on our 1872 Randolph County courthouse in the center of the Pocahontas town square. And why does Tommy call Randolph County his 3rd home (after Little Rock and his cabin on Greers Ferry Lake)? Because his niche is as a historic restoration architect, and Randolph County has more history than any other place in Arkansas!

Detail drawings of one of the Lesmeister bathrooms.

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  1. Joan L. Gould

    Having toured both of your restoration project in their ‘raw’ phase, I am delighted that you are sharing these significant restoration projects through a website and blog! Also, having had the great opportunity to work with Tommy Jameson on various restoration projects, I know he has and will continue to give you the best preservation advise. The history of Pocahontas and Randolph county is just awesome. Thanks for linking the world to this fact!!

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