The Small Town Hardware Store…WE STILL HAVE ONE!

A step back in time…

Pocahontas is becoming unique, unfortunately, in still having a real, old fashioned downtown hardware store, right on our town square. Generally when I go to a store, I go straight to the item I came to buy, pick it up and buy it, and leave as fast as I can. As the video below attests, the hardware/home improvement store  is the ONLY type of store on earth were we men enjoy shopping just for the joy of looking.

Futrell’s Hardware in Pocahontas has occupied the southeast corner of the town square, at 102 South Bettis Street, for as long as any of us can remember, and during all that time, nothing has changed in this time capsule of 1945!

This isn’t a video about Futrell’s, but it sure seems like it!

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  1. BC

    And it’s the best place for finding vintage auto parts–some from the 1930s–still in the original packages. That goes back to when it was a Western Auto dealer.

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