media-kit imageLesmeister Guesthouse
Physical Location: 208 N Marr Street
Mailing Address: 301 Country Club Road, Suite A
Pocahontas, Arkansas 72455

On this page you’ll find links to information from various places on this website. Lesmeister Guesthouse offers our guests a unique experience for several reasons:

  • The result of a $1 million architectural restoration*, a stay at the Lesmeister puts our guests in a beautifully rehabilitated 1902 commercial building, with it’s original ornate ceilings and wall colors restored. Custom-made solid wood doors and moldings recreate the feel of life in Pocahontas during the Theodore Roosevelt administration.
  • With no staff on site, the Lesmeister offers today’s independent travelers a secluded place to call their home in the heart of the 17-block Pocahontas historic district.
  • The Lesmeister offers guests a choice of five different accommodations, no two alike, with varying rates based on which room is selected, and for how long. Some units are all on ground level; others are spread over two or even three levels. Some are suites with minifridge, microwave, and coffee maker, while others have full kitchens with full-sized appliances idea for either short-term or long-term stays. All five units offer a clothes washer and dryer for guest use.
  • The Lesmeister accommodations are definitely “upscale” with finishes and furnishings that remind one of a fine home. Bathrooms are often described as “spa-like” with jet tubs, heated floors, and other amenities.
  • We’re ranked the #1 lodging facility in Pocahontas on TripAdvisor.
  • Located on a quiet side street in the heart of downtown, we’re just a short walk from unique and interesting shopping and dining.

*The Lesmeister building restoration was made possible through the use of Federal and State Rehabilitation Tax Credit programs made available by the United States National Park Service and the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program. Without these wonderful programs, America would have lost much more of its historic character, because, without such programs, it’s generally cheaper to tear an old building down and replace it with a modern structure.

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Unit Descriptions: The suites and apartments are named for people and things that played important parts in Pocahontas history.

  • Jeff Thompson Suite, named for a Civil War general who was captured by opposing forces just around the corner from the suite’s location.
  • Lewis de Mun Suite, named for a local man who played a big part in the construction of the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. before accompanying former Vice President Aaron Burr to explore the Louisiana Purchase territories.
  • Henry Morton Stanley Suite, named for a man who was inducted, in Pocahontas, into the Confederate Army during the Civil War, before heading in later life to Africa to search for the lost Dr. David Livingstone.
  • Laurel Apartment, named for the first steamboat to travel up the Black River to Pocahontas in 1829.
  • Julia Dean Apartment, name for another well know steamboat that frequently called on Pocahontas before the Civil War.

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Awards: The Lesmeister building rehabilitation project won the 2014 first place award for “Excellence in Preservation Through Rehabilitation” presented by the Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas.

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